Online and Phone Counselling

While I'm based in Birmingham I work nationwide via phone and online platform Zoom.

I have specific training in working by phone and online and greatly value this way of being able to access people. While there are differences and pros and cons for both online, phone and in-person work, the evidence is very clear - online and phone counselling works. 

Like myself, you will need a place that is private and confidential. A place where you feel safe and relaxed.

While many people have become used to using Zoom and other online platforms to communicate, I appreciate this isn't the case for all. In this case I'd advise you take some time to get used to the software before we start, to help ensure you get the most out of the session. It's always good to have a practice with friends/family, or even a support group may provide an opportunity. As is the case with technology, we may have some issues but together we can work it out - and we also have the good old fashioned telephone to fall back.

While Zoom is my primary way of working I'm also very happy to work with people solely on the phone. Phone counselling is a very long established and effective form of having therapy. It is especially valuable in making my service available when a person doesn't feel comfortable enough with a video call or if logistics make an online video call impossible.  

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