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Byron Lang Counsellor - Birmingham - England

Byron Lange


Why Counselling?

All of us over the course of our lifetimes will experience distress, confusion, destructive and sometimes repetitive behaviours we don’t want, relationship difficulties and potentially great loss.

During difficult experiences, it can be hard for us to reach out. It can also sometimes be difficult for others in our life to respond in a helpful way. This can create a situation where it doesn't feel possible to genuinely talk about what is troubling us with those around us.

This is where I can help.

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My Services

Online and Phone Counselling with Byron Lange Counsellor
Online & Phone Counselling

Connect from the comfort of your own space to discuss the issues that you are facing.

Let go of negativity with Mindfulness Meditation with Byron Lange
Mindfulness Meditation

Learn to slow down racing thoughts, let go of negativity, and calm both your mind and body.

Unlock emotional blockages with hypnotherapy - Byron Lange

Access emotional blockages from the past that can't be accessed through conscious discussion.

{Please note = I'm not currently taking on new clients}

I can offer you a place of refuge, where we can both learn about you and your experiences. My hope is for us to build a working relationship that feels safe, honest and helpful. Where ultimately, you can experience positive and meaningful change.

I offer weekly 50 minute sessions.

My fees are £60 per session.


I work Online on Thursdays and Fridays and offer face-to-face on Saturday Mornings. 

Image by Marko Beljan

“Byron provided a welcoming and safe space to talk about my issues. I came away from the sessions we had feeling much better about myself and with a much clearer understanding of where my issues came from and how to deal with them in future. I would highly recommend Byron.” 

— MC — 

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