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Mindfulness Meditation

I’ve had a long-standing interest and practice in Mindfulness Meditation and enjoy bringing this to the work when appropriate.


See my Resources page for my blog 'Beginners Guide to Mindfulness Meditation' if this interests you. In a nutshell, I see it as the practice of developing a point of observation on self and environment (sometimes called the ‘observer self’). This point of observation is also outside of our thinking experience. It is not about trying to stop or control anything but with time and practice it is possible to feel less tangled in one’s thinking. Sort of like the difference between sitting on a riverbank watching the river as opposed to being in the actual river with the currents and the debris. 


It can also help in getting a much greater sense of proportion and aliveness by connecting to observing the body and environment within the present moment.


I also appreciate that formal meditation practice isn’t everyone’s cuppa tea. In this case we may be able to create and personalise techniques so that they feel more approachable and realistic. There are also some fantastic apps these days that can assist in creating a very flexible and manageable practice. It is also possible to use some of the principles and ideas behind mindfulness without any formal practice at all.

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